Frequently asked questions

Shipping & delivery

Which methods of delivery do you offer?

We currently offer Standard, Collection Point and Express delivery.

Where can i find delivery rates and information?

Check out our Delivery page for the most updated information.

How can I track my orders?

Click here if you want to track your order now.

Can I have my order shipped to someone else, to a different address, and/or a different country?

You can ship your order to someone else or to alternate address, however we are unable to ship to a different country to where the order is placed.

What if I need to get in contact with the carrier?

If you are using our Standard home delivery service, you will be able to contact the carrier directly via chat or by calling the driver on his mobile phone if your parcel is already out for delivery. To get started, click here to track your order and find the carrier's details.

My delivery is missing an item. What should I do?

Click here to contact our Customer Service.


How do I place an order online?

You can easily place an order following a few steps:


1. Search, choose and add to the Shopping Cart your favourite Napapijri product


2. To complete your order, select your shipping and payment method. 


3. You will receive a confirmation e-mail


How do I know if you have received my order?

After you have confirmed your order, you will receive an automatic generated e-mail confirmation from our Napapijri Online Store.

I have not received a confirmation e-mail. What should I do?

First check your spam filter. If you still have not received your confirmation e-mail, please contact our Customer Service.

Can I cancel or change my order once it's been placed?

Once your payment has been accepted you are unable to modify orders. Please contact our Customer Service if you need help.

Promotions & promo codes

What is a promo code?

Promo codes are personalized codes, issued on special occasions, that enables you to take advantage of exclusive promotions on services and products offered by Napapijri Online Store.

How do I get and use a promo code?

If you want to get a promo code, click here to sign up to Napapijri Newsletter and we will inform you about promotions and more. The "Promo Code" space is displayed in the first page of the Shopping Cart: enter your Code and click "Apply" to obtain your new total.

Returns & refunds

I have received a faulty or incorrect item. What should I do?

Please follow the instructions you find in the Napapijri Return Authorization form or click here for more details here.

What is your return policy?

Click here to read our Return Policy.

Do you offer exchanges?

We currently do not have the ability to easily exchange products. If you are interested in a different size or colour, you will need to return the item(s) and place a new order. Your return will be refunded once it has been received and processed at our warehouse.

I have been refunded the incorrect amount. What should I do?

Please contact our Customer Service.

How do I know you have received my returned goods?

As soon as we receive your return we will notify you via e-mail.

I bought an item from a Napapijri store and it is faulty, can I send it back to you?

Unfortunately we are unable accept returns for goods purchased in a Napapijri Retail Store. We suggest you to bring your faulty item back to the Napapijri Store where you purchased it. Returns, refunds and exchanges are processed at the discretion of the store.

Am I able to return items purchased online to one of your Napapijri stores?

Napapijri Retail Stores are unable to accept items purchased on our Napapijri Online Store. Please send it back to us following our Return Policy.

Infinity registration

How can I register my Infinity Jacket? How do I access the take back programme?

To access the take back programme, you must register Infinity on either by scanning the QR code on the inner label of your jacket, or by entering the unique Infinity code placed next to it.

 Simply follow the guided steps online to enable the take back programme. Please be aware that you will need to register your jacket if you want to access the take back programme

Where can I find my jacket’s QR and Infinity code?

You can find your both on the inner label of your Infinity jacket. 

If I purchase in store, can I register the jacket online?

Yes. To register your Infinity jacket and access the take back programme, please visit You will need to either scan the QR code or enter the unique Infinity code printed on the jacket’s inner label.

Simply follow the guided steps online to enable the take back programme. Please be aware that you will need to register your jacket if you want to access the take back programme. 

Can I register without using the QR code?

Yes, you can register without scanning the QR code by entering your jacket’s unique code on the online registration form, which can be found on the inner label

Can I register my Infinity jacket without QR or Infinity codes?

Unfortunately, if both QR and Infinity codes have been removed from the jacket, it will no longer be possible to register the jacket. 

Can I transfer the registration of the jacket if I gift or donate it to another person?

Yes, it is possible to transfer the registration of a jacket. To do so, please contact our customer care team here.

Infinity take back

What’s the difference between returning and registering for the take back programme? Am I still able to return my jacket?

Don’t worry, you will still be able to return your jacket for any reason up to 30 days from the date of purchase, (provided it is in a new condition).

The take back programme refers specifically to the return of the jacket for recycling after (at least) 2 years from the date of purchase.  

When can I take back my Infinity?

You will be able to take back your Infinity jacket after  two years from purchase. Don’t worry, we will email you when the time comes.

Please ensure the jacket has been registered either by scanning the QR code inside the jacket, or by entering the Infinity code inside the jacket placed next to the care label.  

Do I have to take my jacket back after 2 years?

No, 2 years is the earliest date . You are free to take advantage of the take back programme at any point after 2 years from purchase.

Can I take my Infinity back before the 2-year time limit?

In order to encourage mindful consumption, you will only have the option of returning your jacket after two years (from purchase). Infinity will then be processed into new yarn and new products. 

Can Infinity be recycled in the plastic bin?

No,  the best way of recycling Infinity is by following our take back programme. We will take care of recycling it into new yarn and new products. 

What are the benefits of sending back the jacket?

You will receive a voucher worth 100€ after successfully sending back the jacket through the take back programme. The voucher can only be used on In addition, you will also receive dedicated content on Napapijri’s latest sustainability initiatives. 

Product information

Does the Napapijri website display your complete collection?

Our Napapijri Online Store displays a selection of the Napapijri collection.


Do you sell the same products in the Napapijri retail stores?

At Napapijri Retail Stores you may find the same products as on the Napapijri Online Store, but we recommend that you contact them directly.


How do I clean my Napapijri apparel?

We suggest you to follow the care symbols that appear on the garment label.


Infinity product information

What material is Infinity made from?

Infinity’s main material innovation is its mono-material composition: its filling and trims are made from Nylon 6, while its fabric is made from ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon, a high-performance nylon 6 yarn recycled from discarded fishing nets and other waste materials.

The use of one material allows for an easier recycling process - the jacket can enter the recycling machine as it is - and fibres are upcycled without losing any of their original characteristic or quality, which means that ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon can be recycled again and again.

Is Econyl® Regenerated Nylon made from recycled bottles?

No, it is made of discarded fishing nets and other waste materials. 

How does Infinity’s recycling process work?

The use of one material allows for an easier recycling process - the jacket can enter the recycling machine as it is - and fibres are upcycled without losing any of their original characteristic or quality, which means that ECONYL® Regenerated Nylon can be recycled again and again.

Does Infinity contain Thermo-FibreTM?

Yes, but a special version of Thermo-FibreTM  specifically developed for Infinity using Nylon6. Normal Thermo-FibreTM used in the rest of our collection is made from Polyester.

My account & newsletter

Which is your privacy policy?

The personal information you share with us is completely confidential. Your privacy is important to us and we will not disclose or sell the information provided. Our promotional emails are optional and you can unsubscribe at any time. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

What are the benefits of registering at Napapijri?

There are many benefits to creating an account at Napapijri: you can personalize and manage your profile, create your Wishlist and share it with friends, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders right from your account and checkout faster.


Do I need to create an account to shop online?

No, you can shop as a guest on our Napapijri Online Store.


How can I change details on my Napapijri account?

Log in to "My Account" and click on "Edit" where you wish to modify your details.

How to create a secure password?

For your safety, we require passwords to contain:


- at least eight (8) characters.

- at least one (1) numerical character (e.g. 5).

- at least 1 uppercase letter (e.g. N).

- at least one (1) lowercase letter (e.g. t).


What happens if I forget my password?

You can simply request a new password by clicking on "Forgot my password" on the Log In page and by entering your e-mail address.


How can I delete my Napapijri account?

Contact our Customer Service clicking here.

Where can I sign up for the Napapijri newsletter?

Click here to sign up for the Napapijri Newsletter.

Web security & payments

Is it safe to shop online at Napapijri?

We ensure high security of data on our Napapijri Online Store. All credit and debit card transactions are processed by “Worldpay (UK) Limited and its group companies”, a secure online gateway that will be responsible for holding and handling information related to your payment details. In addition, your bank details are sent to our server using SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) and transferred to a completely secure environment.

What are the payment options?

Check out our Payment page for all available payment types

Is vat included in the price?

Yes, prices are displayed with included VAT.

Why has my payment been declined?

Your credit card could have been declined for one of the following reasons:

- the card may be expired. Check that your card is still valid.

- you may have entered some information incorrectly. Check that you have filled in all the required fields correctly.

- You may have reached your credit limit. Contact your bank to check that you have not exceeded the authorized purchase limit.


How old do I have to be to place an order on Napapijri?

The legal age requirement for buying online is 18.

I am having general problems accessing/buying from your website.

Click here to contact our Customer Service.

How do I find a Napapijri store near me?

To find the nearest Napapijri Store, click on the Store Locator in the header of the Napapijri Online Store and enter your Country and your City. Your nearest Napapijri Shops will be shown.

Contact Napapijri

How can I contact Napapijri customer services?

You can contact us by e-mail, mail or phone. Click here to contact us now.