A classic reborn for good

One of our most beloved knitwear styles for men returns in FW20 and is now made of fully traceable and sustainable NATIVA™ wool.

The Damavand family of crew-neck, v-neck, and zip sweaters has long been one of the staples of our knitwear for men. True to our pioneering spirit we wanted to start from here to explore a more conscious approach to wool sourcing.The result is a classic reinvented for good, created with 100% sustainable, traceable NATIVA™ wool.

NATIVA™ wool:
Choose blockchain

From the farm where the wool is sourced, to the weaving factory where the fabric is created, blockchain technology safely gathers information and connects all the people and processes involved in creating our sweaters, making sure that each step is completed in keeping with the NATIVA™ protocol standards. Much more than a buzzword for technicians, blockchain is what allows complete transparency over the supply chain of our Damavand sweaters.


Where the wool is sourced


Where the wool is combed


Where the wool is spun

and Knitting

Where Damavand’s fabric is created

From Farm to Consumer,
via QR Code

Transparency in the supply chain means we can truly show the journey of Damavand's wool to our customers. Scan the QR code on the Damavand hangtag to to visualize each step of the production process.


NATIVA™ wool:
Choose people

This is Daniel. He works as a farmer in Patagonia, where he takes care of the sheep that provide us with the NATIVA™ wool used to create our Damavand sweaters. We have met him on the job, spoke with him about his daily life, his passion for animals, his commitment to play his part in assuring their well-being. Tracing our steps all the way back to the source, we discovered a world where people like Daniel pioneer the future through their dedication and hard work. Because only knowing our orgins can propell us into a better future.


NATIVA™ wool:
Choose welfare

With every Damavand sweater, we choose future by choosing NATIVA™ wool, which is sustainably sourced in Patagonia from sheep whose welfare is monitored and protected at all times by farmers like Daniel.

Our farms have banned the practice of mulesing, and the animals' feeding, breeding, behaviour, handling, health, and infrastructure are part of a rigorous management plan each farmer carries out scrupulously. In addition, they comply with strict land management and ethical work policies.