At Napapijri, we constantly strive to improve ourselves by seeking innovation to enable solutions that respect our world.
Our “Make it Better” philosophy has led us on a journey to adopt alternative ways to phase out animal derived materials while offering our tribe of consumers products with enhanced technical performance.

Our Responsible journey to


Our innovation journey started back in 2012 when we developed an alternative to real fur: in 2015 the brand launched eco fur made with synthetic Kanecaron® fibers. Improved softness, lightness, durability and ease of maintenance make this animal-friendly replacement a viable

alternative to real fur. Moreover, the eco-fur production process excludes the use of additives or chemicals used to treat animal fur, ensuring a safer and contaminant-free material.


Continuing the “Make It Better” journey beyond fur we then focused our attention on the removal of down from our collection. To achieve this, we developed the groundbreaking THERMO-FIBRE™ system: an innovative insulating filling composed of lightweight air-trapping

microspheres that create a soft, quilted texture, ensuring superior thermal regulation, insulation, compression and quick-drying capability. This development allowed us to successfully replace down across a number of our products but not all.

To accomplish this, we developed the sheet version of THERMO-FIBRE™ in collaboration with manufacturing partner Freudenberg. The resulting padding allowed us to achieve manufacturing and design flexibility across all styles.

From Fall/Winter 2017, we are proudly 100% down free.


In Fall/Winter 2017 we launched the Superlight Skidoo, a new lightweight parka that truly represents our brand’s “Make It Better” philosophy. The jacket embodies our desire to improve the lives of our customers and the world around us by re-engineering a product to make it perform better across a range of temperatures while also drastically reducing the weight by 1kg against conventional winter parkas.

Additionally, the jacket is proudly 100% down and fur free thanks to our THERMO-FIBRE™ padding as well as eco fur from Kanecaron® fibers.
For its animal friendliness, our Superlight Skidoo was awarded the “Animal Free” label by LAV.


Napapijri is a part of VF Corporation, one of the world’s largest apparel, footwear and accessories companies. As part of the group, Napapijri also commits to a number of social and environmental issues such as the Responsible Sourcing program, which focuses on the workers and factories where our products are made. Additionally, we align with the VF Corporation goal to move our energy consumption to 100% renewable energy sources at owned and operated facilities by 2025.

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